About the "Sladovna" (Malthouse) Restaurant in Prague

The brewery restaurant "Sladovna" in Prague in Vodičkova street 12/5 offers a generous space with a capacity of 120 person, including big open space and private lounges. The highlight of the restaurant is own craft beer, which is produced according to traditional recipes and processes in the north-Bohemian Brewery Cvikov. Our modern-equipped kitchen is led by a well-known chef Jiří Král, whose team is preparing a wide variety of contemporary Czech meals, using high-quality and fresh ingredients from Czech suppliers.

Building’s history
The restaurant is located in a three-floor gothic house, known as „Dům U Zídků“, neighboring to the City Hall of Nové Město. The house was built in medieval times and the first mentioning can be dated to 14th century. During its existence, the building underwent renaissance and baroque reconstruction. In 16th century it had been divided into two units called „Vačkářovský dům“ and „poustka Harcovnická“. Today’s appearance of the house dates back to the 19th century, when it was used as a department store. Since 1958 has the building of the restaurant been preserved as a monument and served different purposes such as store, restaurant or private doctors‘ office. 

The interior of the Sladovna restaurant on ground floor and in the cellar has undergone a complete reconstruction in 2019. The title of the restaurant „Sladovna“ is borrowed from the brewery restaurant in Cvikov carrying the same name. Historically, every brewery used to have own malthouse, where malt was made out of barley. Today’s restaurant Sladovna is located at the very same place as malthouse used to be earlier in time. These days, the malt is being imported, hence the name of the restaurant Sladovna (Malthouse) is the last reminder of this space.

The Cvikov Beer 
There are 5 beers on the menu all-year-around, all of them bottom-fermented, unpasteurized and  non-filtered*, produced according traditional formulas: Sklář 8°, Luž 10°, Hvozd 11° (filtered*), Klíč 12°, half-dark Sváteční 13°. Additionally, special beers are brewed couple of times a year. All of our beers are made out of Czech ingredients only – Moravian malt, hop from Žatec, water from own well at the piedmont of Lusatian Mountains and high-quality brewer‘s yeast for fermentation in an open vat. Our brewer Martin Čech has been responsible for the quality of our beer since the modern history of the Cvikov brewery.


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